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 Peace and Security


The United Nations and Global Security
This politics seminar at Drake University, Iowa evaluates the UN's peacekeeping record.

Peace and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century
This world history seminar at Indiana University examines peace and anti-war movements throughout the twentieth century and ends with a consideration of the UN and NGOs in promoting human rights and conflict resolution.

The UN and Terrorism
This American Public University syllabus examines the history of domestic, international and counter-terrorism and incorporates UN resolutions and readings written by UNITAR.

Human Rights and Conflict
This American University course explores the intersection between human rights and conflict and the human rights of those involved in conflict and its aftermath. It includes case studies of various conflicts, many of which were administered by the UN.ß

Refugees, Displaced Persons and Exiles
This 1997 course from Michigan State University focuses on contemporary refugee problems, including many involving the UN.

Legal Issues regarding Israel/Palestine
This course from Harvard University Law School examines the history and legal aspects of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Peace through Health
This course at University of Waterloo, Canada views war and violence through the lens of public health to provide a reexamination of both. It also examines how far health professionals can work for peace.