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History of Global Health
This Harvard University History of Science course explores the interrelated histories of public, international and global health from the nineteenth century to the present.

Medicine, Human Rights and the Physician
This Harvard Medical School course from 1998 analyzes the links between health and human rights, including a few weeks on the historical perspective. It also examines the role of the physician in uncovering human rights abuses.

Health and Human Rights
This University of California, Berkeley course uses various countries as case studies to examine inequality, global frameworks for human rights in matters such as female circumcision and asks about the health consequences of economic development and other current global issues.

Health and Human Rights in the Law
This course at St. Thomas University School of Law analyzes the relationship between modern concepts of health and human rights from an international perspective and examines legal issues arising from these intersections.

Peace through Health
This University of Waterloo, Canada course views war and violence through the lens of public health to provide a reexamination of both. It also examines how far health professionals can work for peace.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health
This University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health course examines contemporary issues in global health, including the role of the WHO and the representations of global health in the media. It includes a useful resources section.