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The UN and Diplomacy
This syllabus developed by the University of British Columbia introduces undergraduates to the UN's current role in diplomatic negotiations.

Program Development and Management for International Organizations
This collection of York University Wagner syllabi from 2004 onwards deals with the UN system. The courses examine the political aspects of negotiations at the United Nations system, including relations with other regional and global bodies, and cover the different parameters of the debate about relevance and reform.

The UN and International Relations
This undergraduate syllabus from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee examines aims, policies and impact of UN organizations in peacekeeping, economics, environment and diplomacy. Its particular strength lies in the weekly debate and study questions based on the readings.

Global Governance
This University of Toronto course from 2011 explores the operation and reform of current global governance, though the first part of the course deals with the growth of global governance since 1945.

Gender and International Relations
This joint history and political science course at University of Toronto examines the use of gender in international relations theory and practice. It includes weeks on gendercide and global governance.

International Organizations Courses
This website by the Chinese University of Hong Kong provides links to many syllabi from various U.S. universities on international organizations, though the list was compiled in 2000.

International Organizations and Documents
This course from Toronto University examines the nature and characteristics of documents, publications and electronic information produced by the UN and other international governmental organizations, particularly the World Bank Group and IMF, EU, OECD and WTO. It discusses theoretical and practical aspects of bibliographical control, access, availability and reference work and assesses pertinent selection and reference tools.