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 Food and Agriculture


Food, Nutrition and Human Rights
This syllabus from the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy considers the human right to adequate food and nutrition from legal, political-economic, nutritional, and cultural perspectives. The course investigates UN reforms, the follow-up to the global development summits, and government and NGO food-and-nutrition program efforts.

Nutrition Rights
This course at the University of Hawaii studies the working of human rights systems by considering the human right to food and nutrition.

Seminar on International Relations and the World Food System
This seminar at the University of Hawaii considers the global human rights movement through an examination of the world food system.

The Fundamentals of Sustainable Agriculture
This Stanford University course examines the economic, ecological, and social aspects of sustainable agriculture in the context of globalization and includes a case study of the Yaqui Valley, Mexico.