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The part of the site provides links to websites that give historic and current environmental data and information on sustainability-related themes. We hope here to provide a regularly updated set of links to the latest thinking and information on environmental change emerging from the natural and social sciences.

Earth Trends – Environmental Information Portal of the World Resources Institute
Provides access to a vast set of easily searched information, maps, data tables and up-to-date and breaking news on world resources and environmental change.

PAGES (Past Global Change) - International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) Core Project
PAGES (Past Global Changes) supports research aimed at understanding the Earth's past environment in order to make predictions for the future. Listings of events, latest news, and accessible data.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The world-recognised authority on contemporary climate change set up by the United Nations.

Environmental Sciences
Access to current and archived articles from the journal. You may need institutional or personal registration to access this resource.

  The World's Water Site at the Pacific Institute
Superb site providing information on water use, conflicts and the history of water-related events. Provides databases on range of topics from planetary hydrology to bottled water consumption or pesticide concentrations.

International Commission on the History of Meteorology
News and downloadable articles form the Journal fo the History of Meteorology (2004-)

Geoindicators at the International Union of Geological Sciences
Geoindicators are measures (magnitudes, frequencies, rates, trends) of geological processes and phenomena, occurring at or near the Earth's surface and subject to changes that are significant for understanding environmental change over periods of 100 years or less. This site provides articles, news of recent developments in the field, and useful images.

Klimageschichte (in German)
Detailed on-line database on the climate history of early modern Germany, complied by historian Stefan Militzer.

Chronology of British Hydrological Events at the University of Dundee
Excellent database, searchable by river, date, and source on historic dates related to British years and the hydrological cycle generally. Also some good links pages.

Database of Scottish Sustainability Research
New searchable database of research across a wide range of disciplines

Climate System Research Centre at the University of Massachusetts
Information, publications and research news on the Centre’s work on current and historic climate dynamics.

International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP)
Website of association of scholars studying common property regimes, past and present.

Land Use History of North America
Provides wide-ranging analysis and data from the US Geological Survey.



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