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Name Designation Email/Web Research Interests
Blessy Abraham

PhD student

Department of History, University of Delhi

blessyabraham204 [at] South Asian Economic History, Legal History, History of Commerce and Trade of India.
Mustafa Acun


Boğaziçi University, Department of Hİstory

acunmustafa714 [at] Ottoman and Islamic legal, social history, and political history of the early modern eras
reception and uses of legal, intellectual, political and philosophical traditions from Europe to Transoxiana
Juriprudence, International law and philosophy of history.
Farhaan Ahmed Lecturer in Public International Law, School of Law, BRAC University farhaan [at] History of International Law, Third World Approaches to International Law, Colonialism, Imperialism, and Public International Law.
Siddique Akbar


Government College University Lahore, Pakistan Department of History

siddawan [at] History of Constitutional development in India from 1761 to 1935
Jak Allen

PhD Student

University of Kent

ja539 [at] Judges Learned and Augustus Hand, US Constitutional History, Judicial Biography, 20th Century Progressive Movement, Civil Liberties (Particularly First & Fourth Amendment).
Ahmed Almaazmi

PhD Student

Princeton University

almaazmi [at]

Legal and environmental history across the western Indian Ocean.
George Forji Amin

Phd Candidate

University of Helsinki

amingeorges [at]

Legal History; international Law; African economic development
Jibran Anand

Mphil Student, History Department

University of Delhi

jibran_anand [at] South Asian history, economic History, labour history and legal history. Histories of Capitalism, global labour history.
Mithu Aromal

Law student

Al ameen law college

mithuaromal [at]  
Shashank Atreya


Christ College, Bangalore

shashank.atreya [at]  
Aparna Balachandran

Assistant Professor

Department of History, University of Delhi

aparna.balachandran1 [at] South Asian legal history; East India Company, urban history, colonial law, religion and law, law and custom.
Kirtita Banerjee


Hidayatullah National Law University

kirtitab [at]  
Utkarsh Bansal


NALSAR University of Law

utkarsh.bansal [at] I am deeply interested in administrative law and colonial history. I was fortunate to contributes notes on constitutional and legislative history on forest laws in India form Dr. Alexander Fischer.
Siobhan Barco

Ph.D. Student

Princeton University

sbarco [at[

United States legal history, particularly women's interactions with the law and legal thought in the long nineteenth century.
John Q. Barrett

Professor of Law

St. John's University

barrettj [at]

constitutional law; Supreme Court of the United States; Nuremberg trials; international humanitarian law; international criminal courts; Justice Robert H. Jackson; judicial biography; lawyer & litigant biography.
Colin Bathgate

MPhil Student

Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

cb2037 [at] MPhil by thesis in the evolution of exclusivity rights in Scotland.
Saliha Belmessous

Associate Professor of History

University of New South Wales

s.belmessous [at]

Comparative imperial history, Indigenous histories, colonial ideologies, legal encounters, history of dispossession
Petr Bělovský

Associate Professor

Univerzita Karlova, Faculty of law, Prague

belovsky [at]

Roman law, history of private law, law in the communist era, comparative legal history.
Yael Berda

Phd Candidate in Sociology

Princeton University

yberda [at]

Comparative historical sociology (especially of empires, Legal History, British colonial bureaucracy, colonial and post-colonial administrations, technologies and practices of population management, international and comparative law, legal transplants, Emergency powers, Executive powers, Israel/Palestine, India, Cyprus, Regime transitions, prisoners, policing, privatization, Politics and cities in deeply divided societies, Legal Geography.
Jahnu Bharadwaj

Doctoral Candidate

Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

jahnu.bharadwaj [at] Colonial Law and Subjectivities, Criminal Legal History,
British Assam.
Gautam Bhatia


Yale Law School

gautambhatia1988 [at]

Constitutional law, legal philosophy, Indian constitutional history.
Debjani Bhattacharyya

PhD Candidate

Emory University

dbhatt4 [at] South Asian economic and legal history, property law, urban history
Anuj Bhuwania

Assistant Professor

South Asian University

anujbhuwania [at]

Lia Brazil

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Oxford

liarachelbrazil [at] International legal history; Humanitarianism and law; crime and policing; law in the British Empire; sexual violence and the law.
Dawid Bunikowski

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Eastern Finland Law School (FI); Torun School of Banking (PL)

dawid.bunikowski [at]

Jurisprudence: legal, moral, political and social philosophy; historical, theoretical, and axiological foundations of the European legal culture; Greek philosophy; Roman law; Christian medieval theology and jurisprudence; humanism and renaissance; the history of the British constitutional system; the history of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania; the history of abortion law.
Osman Safa Bursali

JD student, research and teaching assistant

Marmara University Faculty of Law

osman.bursali [at]

Ottoman law, Islamic law, law of waqf
Christian Burset

JD/PhD student

Yale University

christian.burset [at] Law in the early modern British Empire; history of legal pluralism
Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy

Independent scholar

Formerly UNSW

sofiecacciaguidi [at] Rule of Law Tradition; Treason Law; Radical Dissent; C19 Constitutionalism.
Mario Cajas

Professor (tenured)

Icesi University Law School

mcajas [at] Judicial History, Critical History of Judicial Review, Constitutional History, Political History of Supreme Courts.
Karthik Rao Cavale

PhD Candidate


krcavale [at] Web site

Socio-legal studies, Postcolonial Theory and International Development, Caste, Tamil Nadu.
Sohini Chattopadhyay

Graduate Student

History Department, Columbia University

c.sohini [at] Legal and medical discourses around death practices and the dead body in colonial South Asia; specially focused on the urban histories of burials and cremations in Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi. Broadly interested in the intersections between law, ritual practices and science.

Meghna Chaudhuri

Graduate Student (PhD)

New York University, History Dept.

meghna.chaudhuri [at] South Asia, Burma, British Empire and Law, Political economic thought, agrarian history and the history of capitalism.
Chi-shing Chen


School of Law, National Chengchi University

chenchishing [at] Ancient Chinese ideas of ethics and law, ancient Greek ideas of ethics and law.
Yun-Ru Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School

ychen [at]

yunru.hls [at]

Family Law as Global/National Governance, US Family Law & Immigration Law; The Construction of Market-Family Distinction in Law; Japanese Colonialism; Legal History; East Asian Legal Studies(China, Japan, Taiwan).
Salmoli Choudhuri

MPhil Student

University of Cambridge

sc931 [at] Intellectual, social and legal history; Political theory.
Elsa Clavé

Assistant professor/Fellow

Goethe University/Harvard Asia center

elsaclave [at]

Malay sultanates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Land tenure, Lease, Borders.
Mary Kilcline Cody

Lecturer in Southeast Asian History

College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU

mary.kilcline.cody [at]

History of Malaysia and Singapore, Colonial law and culture, Murder trials and public enquiries
Claire Cororaton

Graduate Student

Cornell University

cc2599 [at] History of Capitalism, Philippines, Spanish Empire, US Empire
Guillemette Crouzet

Position PHD Candidate and temporary lecturer

Sorbonne University (Paris IV)

guillemettecrouzet [at] Law and abolitionism, Law and slavery and slave trading, Maritime law, maritime jurisdiction Legal aspects of British imperialism in the Middle East "Middle East" history British Imperialism French Imperialism.
Yan Cui

Lecturer and International Program Coordinator

Faculty of Law, Shandong University (Weihai Campus), PRC.

yancui_sdu [at] History of British Clonial China, British Rule in China, especially Weihaiwei.
Stephen Cummins

Doctoral Student

History Faculty, University of Cambridge

s.t.cummins [at] Italian legal history; the early modern Kingdom of Naples; banditry.
Zoe Cunningham

PhD student

University of Exeter

zc243 [at] Medieval and early modern law-general. 'Codification of Laws in Medieval and Early Modern Europe'-PhD topic
Lesley Curtis

Assistant Professor


lcurtis26 [at] The history of slavery and abolition.
Raja Venkata Krishna Dandamudi


Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University

14jgls-rvkdandamudi [at] South Asian Legal History, History of Human Rights, Labour History, Colonial History, History of South India, Modern Indian History, Law and Self Determination, Civil Liberties, Socio-Economic Rights, Comparative Rights and Political Philosophy.
Raja Dandamudi

LLM in Legal Theory Candidate 2021

New York University School of Law

rd2941 [at] South Asian Political History, Legal History, History of Human Rights, and History of Social Movements
Debojyoti Das

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Birkbeck, Department of History, Classics and Archaeology

das.birkbeck [at] International development, coastal environment, visual anthropology, research ethics and international law in coastal water management.
Sandipto Dasgupta


Harvard University

sandipto.dasgupta [at]  
Elbra David

Ph.D Candidate

UC Irvine

eldavid [at]

Legal Pluralism; Atlantic History; Cotton; British Capital; Nineteenth century Social/ Economic History; Caribbean History; Commodities; Mortgages; Credit.
Subhajit Debnath

Samvidhaan Fellow

Independent Researcher

sdebnath [at] Law and Society, Legal History, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Ethnography, Himalayan Studies, Sikkim.
Samraggi Debroy

Student Institute

ILS Law College, Pune

tin.debroy [at]  
Sara Delmedico

PhD Student

Italian Department, MML, University of Cambridge

sd683 [at]

Legal history.
Chinmay Deshmukh

LLM Candidate

Goethe University, Frankfurt

chinmaydeshmukh1 [at] Hindu Law, Indian Legal History; Legal Pluralism; Religion and Law; Multiculturalism
Meenu Deswal

PhD pre-candidate

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

mdeswal [at] Custom, Caste, Gender, and Law in Nineteenth Century South Asia
Ganeev Dhillon


S&R Associates

ganeev.dhillon [at] History of South Asia; Colonial legal systems.
Haris Durrani


History and Philosophy of Science

harisadurrani [at] Islamic law, medieval Islamic science, technology, metaphysics, history of philosophy.
Silvia Escanilla Huerta

PhD Candidate

History Department, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

escanil2 [at]

Politics, Gender, Culture, Law and Society in Peru and the Andes, 1700-1850; Revolutions and Indigenous Rebellions; Indigenous People; Ethnohistory; Independence Era, and the Transition from Empire to Republic; Political Legitimacy and Sovereignty in the Andes.
Rahim Foroughi Nik

History of Criminal Law, Criminal Law of Ancient Rome, Theories of Punishment, Philosophy of Law
Cynthia Farid

Doctoral Candidate

University of Wisconsin Law School

farid [at] Continuities and Constitutionalism in colonial and postcolonial legal systems of South Asia and the role of legal elites in shaping constitutionalism.
David Fraser

Professor of Law and Social Theory

University of Nottingham

david.fraser [at] Law and the Holocaust; legal aspects of National Socialism; Totalitarian legal systems; law under occupation.
Christopher Fritsch

PhD Candidate

University of Nantes

stxoxfd [at] Colonial legal history, primarily American, and seventeenth/eighteenth-century English legal history.
Kellen Funk

PhD Candidate

Princeton University

kfunk [at] American legal profession; civil procedure and trial practice; law and religion.
Kanika Gauba

Assistant Professor

Azim Premji University

kanikagauba15 [at] Constitutional history; South Asian constitutionalism.
Sarah Ghabrial

Research Fellow

Centre for Gender Studies and Faculty of Law

sg77 [at]

Modern Algerian history; Colonial and postcolonial studies; Islamic law reform (19th-20th c); legal pluralism; family law; penal law; history of gender, sexuality, and the family; French Second Empire and Third Republic; citizenship, secularism, and liberal ontologies of difference.
Malick Ghachem

Associate Professor of History

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

mghachem [at]

Law of slavery and abolition, history of financial crises and fraud, religious liberty.
James Gerienchen

PhD candidate

Columbia University

jg3035 [at]  
Josh Gibson

PhD Student

Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

jgg37 [at] Chartism; popular political-thought; common law constitutionalism; the influence of legal theory on political and economic thought.
Ashish Goel


National University of Juridical Sciences

ashish.goel [at]

Indian Constitutional History, Indian Politics.
Namrata Gogoi

Assistant Professor of History

National Law University

namratagogoi [at]

Legal History, Modern South Asian History, Colonial History.
Mike Golan

PhD Candidate

History, Cambridge

mg643 [at]

Carma Gorman

Associate Professor

The University of Texas at Austin

cgorman [at] US intellectual property law and the history of American industrial design.
Chandan Gowda

Professor of Sociology

Azim Premji University

chandangowda [at]

Social Theory, Modern South Asia, History of Development Thought in India, Indian normative traditions, Caste, and Kannada Literature and Cinema.
Amlanjyoti Goswami

Head, Legal and Regulation


agoswami [at] Legal History of Cities, Legal Pluralism and Modernity; Land Development Modernisation.
Timon de Groot

Doctorate Student

MPI Human Development

degroot [at] German and dutch legal history; honour and shame in the practice of criminal justice.
Alan Guenther

Assistant Professor of History

Briercrest College and Seminary

aguenther [at]

History of Muslim law in British India; Indian lawyers and judges in British India; Muftis and Qadis in British India; Legal aspects of the history of Christian-Muslim relations in South Asia; History of colonial law.
Michaela Hailbronner

Research Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

michaela.hailbronner [at]

Comparative Public Law, Legal Cultures, History of Constitutionalism (so far mostly Germany, South Africa, India, Japan, Canada), History of Ideas
Adela Halo

PhD student

Schools of Law and History, Queen Mary University of London

a.halo [at] Constitutional and intellectual history during the French Revolution period and on to the 19th century.
Peter Hamilton

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of History, The University of Texas at Austin

peter.e.hamilton [at] The history of the United States in Asia; Modern China; Hong Kong; twentieth-century globalization, empire, and transnational citizenship.
Béatrice Hendrich

Lecturer /researcher

Turkologie, Justus Liebig University Giessen

hendrich_2004 [at[

Cyprus, Period of Crown Colony, colonial family law, Sheriyye Mahkemeleri, social reality and legal norms.
Fernando Hernández-Fradejas

H.B. Earhart Fellow

Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain

fhfradejas [at] Jurisprudence and legal philosophy, political economy, law and economics, and the history of economic, political, and legal thought.
Tamar Herzog


History Faculty, Harvard University

therzog [at] Web site

European Legal history, Colonial Legal History, Spanish and Portuguese empires, Atlantic history, institutional history, border conflicts, land disputes, immigration and naturalization, citizenship.
Monica Huerta

Ph. D. candidate

UC Berkeley

huerta.monica [at] The history of privacy, photography and the law, copyright and authorship, cultural production and ownership.
Sajid Hussain

PhD candidate

Department of History, Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad

sajdhussain [at] Punjab, Pakistan, India, South Asia
History, Security
Sarah Islam

Graduate Student

Princeton University

sarahislam [at] Islamic law, Social and Legal History of Islamic Law, Comparative Law, Law and Society, Sociology of Law
Jason Jackson

Senior Fellow and Lecturer

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

jbrj [at]

Historicizing the emergence and construction of Indian business actors in the late colonial period.
Christopher Jenkins

PhD Candidate

Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge [at] South Asian legal history, history of the conflict of laws, tax history, contract law, maritime law, law and economics.
Tanya Josev

Senior Lecturer

University of Melbourne, Law School

20th century legal history (esp. Australian and American); histories of courts in popular discourse;  judicial biography.
Anil Kalhan

Associate Professor of Law

Drexel University

anil.kalhan [at]

South Asia, U.S. and comparative constitutional law, British empire, immigration and citizenship, criminal law and procedure, human rights.
Dhanmoni Kalita

Ph. D. Scholar

History Department, Gauhati University

dhanmoni.kalita007 [at] Peasant Struggles in Post-Colonial Assam
Bodhisattva Kar

Senior Lecturer, Department of Historical Studies

University of Cape Town

postbodhi [at]

Global governmentality and customary law: South and Southeast Asia and southern Africa.
George Karekwaivanane

Post-doctoral research fellow

Centre of African Studies, Cambridge

ghk22 [at] African legal history, history of the legal profession
Dinesh Kataria

Research Fellow

Jawaharlal Nehru University

katariadinesh89 [at] South Asian legal history, urban history, colonial law, capital and space and histories of religion.
Macabe Keliher

PhD candidate

Harvard University

keliher [at]

China, administrative law.
Chloe Kennedy

Lecturer in criminal law

University of Edinburgh

chloe.kenndy [at]

Criminal law, criminal responsibility, mental disorder, insanity, legitimacy, guilt, philosophy, cultural history, intellectual history, law and religion, Scottish legal history, legal theory, jurisprudence, law and literature.
Duncan Kiboye Okoth-Yogo

Tutorial Fellow, Moi University

History, Political Science and Public Administration / Peace Center

kiboyye [at] History of International environmental law
History of Human rights law
History of Genetic resources law
Bioethics and human rights
Kenyan legal history
History of legal philosophy
Coel Kirkby

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of New South Wales

coel.kirkby [at] British imperial and legal history; indigenous history; colonial law and administration
Anna Knutsson

PhD Researcher

European University Institute

anna.knutsson [at] Smuggling, free trade and economic legislation. Translation of economic texts and their diffusion. I am currently writing my PhD on smuggling to Sweden in the late eighteenth century, focusing on the development of legislation, criminal records and foreign political responses - particularly in France and Britain.
Sumeyye Kocaman

DPhil Student

University of Oxford

smykocaman [at] Citizenship, law, religion, constitutional movements, equality, fraternity, liberty and law, history of the idea of public, public space.
Paavo Kotiaho

Research Fellow

The Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki

paavokotiaho [at] Law and Political Economy; the History of Capitalism; International Legal History in the 19th and 20th Century; Human Rights and Neoliberal Capitalism; the Sociology of International Human Rights Law.
Radha Kumar

Doctoral Candidate

Institute / Faculty Princeton University Position

radhak [at] Modern South Asia, Policing & Sovereignty, Law and Society, Colonial & Postcolonial Politics, Urban History, Archive & Memory.
Rajesh Kumar

Ph.D. Candidate

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India

nandalrajeshkumar [at] Constitutional law, Legal History, Fiscal Federalism, Internal Security, Public Policy, Development and society etc.
Nitzan Lebovic

Assistant Professor

Lehigh University

nlebovic [at] Greek/Roman Law, modern European law, Israel/Palestine, constitutional law, theory of law, law and culture.
Jack Jin Gary Lee

Ph.D. Candidate

University of California, San Diego

jackjin [at]

Sociology of law, political sociology, historical sociology of colonialism and empire, global and transnational sociology, international migration and development.
Julia Leikin

Research fellow


jleikin [at] Russian legal history, maritime legal history, international law, laws of war, law of nations.
Suzanne Lenon Associate Professor Arts & Science
University of Lethbridge
suzanne.lenon [at] Spaces of Law, Legal Histories, Critical Race, Socio-Legal Studies, Gender & Sexuality
John Levin

PhD student

University of Southampton

john [at]

History of Law History of economics, money and debt, esp. in the long eighteenth century. Nineteenth century urban history Digital humanities, digital history, and the application fo the digital to the reading of law.
Elizabeth Lhost

Ph.D. Student

University of Chicago

lhost [at] South Asian legal history; colonialism; law and religion; legal pluralism; history of British Empire; law, text, and translation.
Sundeep Lidher

PhD Student

History, Cambridge

sundeeplidher [at] My PhD focuses on the evolution of immigration policy in Britain, 1945-1962 (supervised by Dr Joya Chatterji, Cambridge) I am interested in: Migration; Citizenship law; Immigration law; Labour controls; Race, discrimination & the law.
Yong Liu


Hebei Academy of Social Sciences

13811415639 [at] Chinese legal history, intellectual property law, art law,  internet law, public procurement.
Weiwei Luo

PhD candidate

Columbia University

wl2323 [at] Chinese history; accounting; writing; book history; law; archive; legal paperwork,
Jane Manners

Graduate student

Princeton University

jane.c.manners [at] American legal history; history and law of disaster; history and law of taxation.
Akash Manwani

Student Institute

V.E.S College of Law

akashmanwani20 [at]  
Alina Marktanner

Doctoral Student

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

marktanner [at]

Contemporary history; social, political and economic history; science and technology studies; economic sociology
Bruno Matumbi

LL D Researcher

University of the Western Cape/Humboldt University Berlin

brunomatumbi [at] Transitional Justice, Law and History, International Criminal Law, Law and Political science, Law and Sociology.
Alastair McClure

PhD Candidate in History

University of Cambridge/History

arm71 [at] Colonial India, Law, Crime, Gender, Imperial Sovereignty.
Pamela McVay

Professor of History

Ursuline College/Arts and Sciences

pmcvay [at]

Colonial legal history, especially the VOC and WIC; comparative legal history; history of violence; women's history.
Dilip Menon


Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of Witwatersrand

dilip.menon [at]

Histories of the global south, Indian Ocean and transnational history.
Nikhil Menon

PhD Candidate

Department of History, Princeton University

menon [at] Modern South Asia; Histories of economic and political thought; Law and economy; Twentieth century India; Decolonization and development; Projects of development and economic planning in India.
Bill Mihalopoulos

Lecturer in Asian Pacific Studies

University of Central Lancashire

BMihalopoulos [at]

International Law, labour, gender, history of human rights.
Kate Miles

Lecturer in International Law

Faculty of Law

Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge

klm66 [at] History of international law.
Derek Miller

Assistant Professor

Harvard University

dmiller [at]

Copyright; contracts; theatrical and musical law.
Aadya Misra


School of Law, Christ University

misra.aadya [at]  
Jamee Moudud

Professor of Economics

Sarah Lawrence College

jmoudud [at]

Legal history and legal theory; Legal history of taxation; Fiscal Sociology. I am particularly interested in exploring the above topics in the context of South Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Bhaskar Mukharjee

Masters of Law

The University of Burdwan

vmukherjee4 [at] Comparative Legal History
Debanjana Mukherjee

Undergraduate student

National Law School of India University, Bangalore

mukherjeedebanjana1993 [at] Constitutional law, legal philosophy, legal and constitutional history, civil liberties, criminal law, comparative law, international humanitarian law.
Gaurav Mukherjee

Graduate Fellow

School of Policy & Governance, Azim Premji University, Bangalore

gaurav.mukherjee [at] Education rights, Political Philosophy, Public Law.
Uponita Mukherjee

Graduate Student

Columbia University

um2135 [at] History of the law of evidence in India, and more generally, the ideas and practices of criminal detection in 19th and early 20th century British India.
Souvanik Mullick

Phd student

Yale anthropology

souvanik.mullick [at] Legal and political history
Paul Murphy

PhD Student (Accepted for Sept 2016)

College of Humanities, Exeter University

pdmurphy33 [at] Medieval European Law, Castilian Jurisprudence, Public Law, Las Siete Partidas, Bracton, Court of Alfonso X of Castile, Medieval Political Thought.
Moad Musbahi


Royal College of Art

moad [st]

Law and space and performance.
Neeti Nair

Associate Professor, History

University of Virginia

neetinair [at]

Swapna Kona Nayudu

PhD Student

Department of War Studies, King's College London

swapna.nayudu [at] Modern Indian political thought, International Relations Theory, War Studies.
Julia Ng


Goldsmiths, University of London, Centre for Cultural Studies [at] Walter Benjamin, Immanuel Kant, Gershom Scholem, Jewish law, law and religion, critical legal theory, political philosophy, literary theory, philosophies of war and peace, history and theory of perpetual peace, architecture and urban theory.
Preet Nijhar


College of Law, Business and Social Sciences, Bangor University

s.k.nijhar [at] Colonial and postcolonial societies, particularly India and East Africa. Violence, past and its continuity in new 'global' forms. as well science of man and history.
Thulani Nkosi

Legal consultant

Faculty of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal

thulani.nkosi [at] Legal histroy of the colonies and the impact of colonisation on the colonised through law.
Helen O'Shea


Open University (History)

o.s.helen [at]  
Femi Owolade

PhD Candidate

King's College London, Department of History

femi.owolade [at] British Empire, Northern Nigeria, Law, Slavery, Land Tenure, Women and Farmers.
Jay Palmos



jaypalmo [at] Development of construction law; comparative international construction law
Ishita Pande

Associate Professor, History

Queen's University, Canada

pande [at] South Asian legal history, "global" history, intellectual history, Legal history, gender and sexuality, history of childhood and age.
Tejas Parasher

PhD Student, Political Theory

University of Chicago

tparasher [at] Colonialism and law, constitutionalism and nationalism in South Asia (late 19th cent. to 1947), global anticolonial thought in the early 20th century, caste and human rights, law and critical race theory.
Trais Pearson

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of History, Cornell University

qap2 [at] Modern Southeast Asia; civil law, legal medicine/forensic science in Siam/Thailand
Johnson Peiris

PhD Student

University of Colombo

devputh [at] Political Economics, Philosophy
Leonardo Pierini

PhD Student

University of Pisa (Italy)

leonardopierini [at] Common law; colonial law; legal pluralism; British Empire; British Commonwealth; Judicial Committee of The Privy Council.
Sarath Pillai

PhD Candidate

University of Chicago

sarathpillai [at] Indian princes and constitution making; Travancore's accession.
Adam Pole


University of Windsor, Department of History

adampole [at] Nineteenth century British and Irish Legal History; Landlord and tenant, Ireland; Law and society; Law and politics
Satya Prateek

LLM Student

Berkeley School of Law

prateek.satya [at] South Asian Constitutional History, Law and Religion, Constitutionalism, Comparative Equality Jurisprudence, Representation in Diverse Societies, Indian Supreme Court.
Rohan Price


Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania, Australia

rphan.price [at]

Property law of the British and its use in colonising and decolonising.
Pratichi Priyambada (Mahapatra)

Ph.D Candidate

University of California, Irvine

pmahapat [at] Interested in legal discourses on slavery, prostitution and performance in colonial Bombay Presidency; looking specifically at how the "nautch" dancers were viewed in the official discourses on abolition of slavery and prostitution; and how colonial labels of "dancers as slaves" and "dancers as prostitutes" translated into social marginalization of different communities of dancers in the long run.
Miguel Rábago Dorbecker


Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

miguelrabagodorbecker [at] International Law, History of Law, Anthropology of International Law, Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Class in International Law.
Mridu Rai


Trinity College, Dublin

raim [at] South Asian history.
Nandini Ramachandran

Graduate Student


chaosbogey [at] Imperial history, History of anthropology, Northeastern India.
Aditya Ramesh

Graduate Student

History Department, UC

aditya.ramesh.2 [at] Intellectual History;Twentieth Century South Asia;Legal Education in South Asia; British Empire.
Kalyani Ramnath

Graduate Student

Princeton University

kalyani [at] South Asia, legal and constitutional history, British empire, history and theory, lawyers, civil liberties, colonial criminal law, emergency laws.
Swastee Ranjan

Doctoral Candidate

Jawaharlal Nehru University

swastee.ranjan [at] Legal History of Public Space, Politics of Space, Law and City, Jurisprudence. Property and Urban Law.
Sanne Ravensbergen

Postdoctoral researcher

Institute for History, Leiden University

Criminal law, Dutch colonialism, Indonesia, colonial courtrooms, materiality of law, colonial and postcolonial lawyers and other (local) legal actors .
Reeju Ray

Post Doctoral Fellow

University of Western Ontario

rray9 [at] Legal History, Legal Pluralism, British Empire
Airton Ribeiro

PhD Student

Università di Firenze

ribeiro.airton [at] History of International Law, Colonial Legal History, History of Concepts.
Katharina Rietzler

Mellon Research Fellow in American History

Cambridge University, History Faculty

ker34 [at]

Internationalism; International and American History, 20th-century; International Commercial Arbitration; Politics of International Law; International Water Law
Nick Robinson

Research Fellow

Program on the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School

nickrobinson5 [at] Comparative Law; Judicial Process and Architecture; Indian Administrative Law; Regulatory Migration; Constitutional Law; Legal Profession; Law and Development.
Jennifer Rodgers

American Council on Germany Guido Goldman Postdoctoral Fellow For The Study Of German And European Economic and International Affairs; Associate, Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies, Freie Universität Berlin


rodgj [at] Humanitarian Law; Data Privacy Law; Refugees, displaced persons; Modern European political history; the Holocaust' the Cold War
Anat Rosenberg

Senior Lecturer, IDC Israel; Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge

IDC - Law; Cambridge - History

ar913 [at]

Cultural legal history; law & literature; history of advertising and consumption; history of liberalism; history of contracts.
Emma Rothschild

Professor of History

Harvard University

rothsch [at] Eighteenth-century administrative and criminal law, especially in France.
Rajgopal Saikumar

PhD student

The Australian National University

rajgopal.saikumar [at] I am interested in intellectual history emerging from the dialogue between Britain and Colonial India; the theory and the history in the relation between liberalism and the empire; especially in debates around civil disobedience, law and morality and political/legal obligation.
Priyasha Saksena

SJD Candidate

Harvard Law School

psaksena [at] International Law; Legal History; Law and Development; Modern South Asia.
Lena Salaymeh

Robbins Postdoctoral Fellow

UC Berkeley School of Law

lenas [at]

Islamic legal history; Jewish legal history; Byzantine legal history; Near Eastern legal history; Muslim legalities; Middle Eastern legal systems.
Mark A. Sammut Sassi

Independent Researcher / PhD student

Faculty of Laws, University of Tilburg

marksammutsassi [at] Codification
Peter Samuels

Graduate Student


Stanford University

psamuels [at]  
Clare Sandford-Couch

Senior lecturer

Northumbria University

clare.sandford-couch [at] Legal history; art history.
Paolo Sartori

Senior Research Fellow

Austrian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Iranian Studies

paolo.sartori [at]

Legal consciousness; legal pluralism; law and citizenship; law and custom; Central Asia legal history; the history of colonialism; the history of Islamic law; sharia in the Russian Empire.
Juan Pablo Scarfi

PhD Candidate (viva passed in October 2013)

Centre of Latin American Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

jps76 [at] History of international law, international legal thought and human rights in the Americas (U.S. and Latin America); History of the Pan American Union and Organization of American States between 1890 and 1980; exchanges of legal and political ideas between the U.S. and Latin America in the nineteenth and twentieth century.
Katharina Isabel Schmidt

Graduate Student

Yale Law School/Princeton University [at] Legal History, Transnational/Transatlantic History, Intellectual History, Legal Theory, History of Legal Thought, Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, Legal Education.
David Schorr

Senior Lecturer

Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law

dschorr [at]

History of environmental law, history of water law, law in the British Empire, law in Mandate Palestine and Israel.
Guo Quan Seng

PhD candidate

History Department, University of Chicago

gqseng [at] Imperial projects and colonial law in British Malaya and Dutch East Indies; Family Law and Personal Status; Chinese diasporic families/lineages/corporations; transnational/colonial crossings.
Uttara Shahani

Recent PhD

University of Cambridge

uttarashahani [at]

South Asian legal history, empire, partition, refugees, decolonisation, Sindh.
Tahrat Shahid

DPhil Candidate

University of Oxford, Department of Politics

tahrat.shahid [at] The politics of family law for Muslim women in Bangladesh, and comparative research on this topic across South Asia more broadly.
Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Department of Humanities, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottbad Campus

shakeelahmad.awan [at]

Electoral History of South Asia, History of Political Socialization, History of Electoral Geography, Electoral Politics: Colonial and Post colonial trends.
Mitra Sharafi

Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin Law School

sharafi [at] [at]

South Asian legal history; the history of the legal profession; the history of colonialism; law and religion; law and minorities; legal consciousness; legal pluralism; history of science and medicine.
Diki Sherpa

PhD Student

Department of History, Chinese University of Hong Kong

dikisherpa498 [at] Imperial History, Colonial Law, Law and custom.
Zhiqiang Shi

PhD candidate

University of Tokyo

xiaoshi8418 [at] Legal pluralism, Qing empire, legal history, Northeast China, Manchuria.
Louis Sicking

Aemilius Papinianus Professor in the History of Public International Law

Law Faculty

l.h.j.sicking [at]

Maritime History, History of diplomacy, history of international law in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.
Osama Siddique

Associate Professor

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

dr.osamasiddique [at]

South Asian Legal History, Colonial Legal History Legal, History of Post Colonial Developing Countries.
Mira Siegelberg

Princeton Postdoc and Lecturer in History and Law

Queen Mary University of London

mira.siegelberg [at] International law, human rights, statelessness, sovereignty, constitutionalism.
Anant Vijay Singh

Registrar General

Jharkhand High Court

dj.jamshedpur [at]

Comparative historical sociology (especially of empires, Legal History, British colonial bureaucracy, colonial and post-colonial administrations, technologies and practices of population management, international and comparative law, legal transplants, Emergency powers, Executive powers, Israel/Palestine, India, Cyprus, Regime transitions, prisoners, policing, privatization, Legal Geography.Constitutional law, legal philosophy, Indian constitutional history.
Oishik Sircar

Teaching Fellow and PhD Candidate

Institute for International Law and the Humanities, Melbourne Law School

oishik.sirca [at]

Law and Collective Memory, Aesthetic Archives of Mass Atrocity, Cinema, Law and History, Histories of Queer Struggles, Queering History, Visual History.
Will Smiley

JD Student

Yale Law School

will.smiley [at] International Law; Islamic Law; Ottoman Empire; Law of War; Prisoners of War.
Michael Sonenscher


King's College, Cambridge, UK

ms138 [at[ Roman Law in 19th Century European Thought.
Hanna Sonkajärvi


Instituto Universitário de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro

hanna.sonkajarvi [at] Western European (France, Spain, Belgium) social and economic history, history of legal institutions in Spanish and Portuguese empires, history of administrations, immigration and naturalization, citizenship.
Rod Squires

Associate Professor

University of Minnesota

squires [at]

Land Ownership in the United States Rectangular Public Land Surveys Public Lands Urban Development Government Information.
Rephael Stern

PhD Candidate

Harvard University, History Department

rafistern [at[ Legal history of decolonization; Middle East; Jewish History; Israel/Palestine; Emergency Law; Penal law; Policing
Kate Stevens

Post-doctoral research fellow

Department of History and Art History, University of Otago

kate.jane.stevens [at] Colonial law, Pacific history, gender, race, legal pluralism, British imperialism, French imperialism.
Roy Sturgeon

Foreign, Comparative, & International Law/Reference Librarian

Tulane University Law School

rsturgeo [at]

Chinese legal history (from antiquity to 1982, public & private, English-language writings); free speech in China; Hong Kong legal research.
Lakshmi Subramanian

Professor of History

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata

nilgiri98 [at]

Narendra Subramanian

Associate Professor of Political Science

McGill University

narendra.subramanian [at]

Legal pluralism, multiculturalism religion and law, family law in postcolonial societies; law and the legacies of bondage in India and the United States.
David Sugarman

Professor of Law

Director, Centre for Law and Society

Law School, Lancaster University

d.sugarman [at]

Law, economy and society; the legal profession; legal life-writing; corporate law; the history of legal history; legal education; visual images of law, lawyers and society.
Leonida Tedoldi

Senior Lecturer/Reader in History of Political Institutions and History of International Institutions

Department Time, Space, Image, Society, University of Verona (Italy)

leonida.tedoldi [at]

leonidatedoldi [at]

Administration of Justice in Europe (XIX-XX century); Government and Parliament in Spain (1975-1990); The origins of internaional justice: from the consolidation of arbitration to Permanent Court of International Justice (XIX-XX, century); State, Parliament and Public debt in Italy (XX century).
Melissa Teixeira

Phd Candidate in History

Princeton University

teixeira [at] History of Brazil; economic ideas and ideas of economic development; history of the interwar period; history of Portugal; constitutionalism; social and economic rights; transnational and comparative history.
Stefan Tetzlaff

Doctoral Student

Centre for Modern Indian Studies

stefan.tetzlaff [at]

Business and agrarian history, the history of transport and technology, 20th century India.
Philip Thai

Assistant Professor

Northeastern University

p.thai [at]

Modern Chinese legal and economic history; history of crime (esp. smuggling and piracy); fiscal sociology; East Asian legal studies (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong); legal pluralism; credit; commercial disputes.
David Thomas

PhD student

Birkbeck College

davidncthomas [at] Seventeenth century legal and constitutional developments
Glenn Tiffert

Ph.D. Candidate

University of California, Berkeley

tiffert [at] Modern Chinese legal history, comparative legal history, law and development, contemporary China.
Moiz Tundawala

Research Student

London School of Economics

moiztundawala [at] Public law and constitutional theory, political theory, legal history, postcolonial studies.
Brendan Twomey

PhD Student

TCD - History

twomeyb [at] Managing money in eighteenth century Ireland. In the absence of records legal archives and treatises offer an avenue for the research of the management of money and financial assets in eighteenth century Ireland.
Nur Uddin

Prime University, Bangladesh


nur.uddin730 [at] Criminal Law,Tax Law
Ujwala Uppaluri


Harvard Law School

ujwala.uppaluri [at] Civil Liberties, Legal & Political Philosophy, Indian Constitutional History, Indian & Comparative Constitutional Law.
Marial Iglesias Utset

Invited Researcher

Du Bois Institute

marial.iglesiasutset [at]

Legal Implications of the Illegal Slave Trade to Cuba in the Nineteenth Century. Between 1794 and 1807, the U.S. Congress pushed four major acts that penalized Americans participating in the trade. In 1800, a Congressional act gave the Navy legal sanction to seize vessels under the American flag engaged in the slave trade. Acts of April 20, 1818, and March 3, 1819, allowed the Navy still broader discretion. As a result, a series of court cases arose involving the participation of US citizens and US capital in the slave trade to Cuba. I am particularly interested in the study of several of these cases, especially the various expeditions that departed from New York to West Africa, and then to Cuba, in the late years of the illegal slave trade (1850s-1960s)
Aparna Vaidik

Assistant Professor

Georgetown University, Department Of History

av277 [at] History Of British Empire, Colonial Law, Violence, Nationalism
Bernard Vetter

Ted And Louana Frois Distinguished Professor Of Comparative And International Law

Loyola New Orleans College Of Law

bkvetter [at]

Legal history tied to the framework, particularly economic framework, of the period of legal history studied.
Javed Wani

PhD candidate in History

Royal Holloway, University of London

wani.javediqbal [at] History of Modern South Asia.
Waide Warner


Harvard University

waide_warner [at] Origins and growth of capitalism. Development of financial, energy and telecommunications regulation.
Lauren Wedekind

Student, Researcher, Instructor

Stanford University

lwedekind [at]

Refugee and IDP health; health and security; international human rights law; international aid history; transnational history and security in South and Southeast Asia.
Lael Weinberger

Ph.D. student

Department of History, University of Chicago

laelweinberger [at]

Legal history; the United States in the world; international law; human rights; law and religion.
Nurfadzilah Yahaya

Postdoctoral Fellow

Washington University, St. Louis

fadzilah.yahaya [at]

Colonial Law, Islamic law, Southeast Asia, British empire, Dutch colonialism, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Diasporas.
Naz Yucel

Ph.D. Candidate

George Washington University

nzyucel [at] Ottoman Empire; property law; political economy; legal history; social history.
Ethan Zadoff

Doctoral Candidate

CUNY Graduate Center

ezadoff [at]

Medieval Jewish law; medieval canon law; medieval legal history; comparative law.
Taisu Zhang

Visiting Assistant Professor

Duke University School of Law

taisu.zhang [at] Comparative Legal History, Property, Economic History of China and Western Europe, Law and Development, Law and Economics, Contemporary Chinese Law.
Oded Zinger

PhD Candidate

Princeton University, Near Eastern Studies Department

odedzinger [at] Law and Society in the medieval Islamic world. Gender and Law in Cairo Geniza documents. Law and Literature.