Global Legal Histories Work-in-Progress Seminar


Many scholars in the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (LCIL), the Centre for History and Economics (CHE), POLIS and the Law Faculty are engaged in work in which legal and international histories interact. To foster a scholarly community across these institutions, and to enrich the exchanges among law, history and international relations on these themes, the CHE/LCIL Global Legal Histories Project is inaugurating a regular work-in-progress seminar for junior and early-career researchers.

The work-in-progress seminar creates space for interdisciplinary interactions which might not otherwise occur. Participants share works-in-progress, whether draft articles, chapters or book prospectuses, with a core group of scholars from a variety of disciplines. Over time, we hope to develop a community of scholars writing global legal histories who engage in a sustained dialogue about each other’s research and also about broader methodological or thematic questions that cut across the field. We see that field as including international and imperial histories with legal dimensions, and legal histories with imperial or international dimensions. We also encourage work with connections to law and ordering across borders. Many of us focus primarily on the 18th-20th centuries, but earlier periods are also welcome.

If you are interested in receiving updates and term cards, please contact Dr Megan Donaldson.