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from G. Agricola, De re metallica (1556)

The programme Ecology, Economy and Society 1500-2000 brings together several strands of research into environmental and economic history that have been supported by the Centre for History and Economics since 1999.

The project currently embraces three areas of research, comprising energy history; resource dependency 1500-1850, examining flows in natural and processed resources, and their place in the economic and political thought of Europe; and Expertise for the Future, a collaborative study of the global history of environmental prediction and its economic and political impact since 1600.


Latest publications

The Future of Nature
Documents of Global Change
Edited by Libby Robin,
Sverker Sörlin, and Paul Warde

Modern Intellectual History
Volume 8/Issue 01, April 2011

Paul Warde, Alison Frank
and Emma Rothschild