Shivangi Jaiswal (Jawharlal Nehru University)

Note on the Archives used in my work on South Asian Economic History (India: 1942-52)

The archive for my work includes documents and data on Indian Labour preserved at different archives and libraries in New Delhi/National Capital Region. These include National Archives of India, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Archives of Indian Labour housed at V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) Office at Shramik Kendra, Jagjivan Vidya Bhawan. The sources referred include government files, minutes of the meetings in the Labour Department, proceedings of the conferences, newspaper clippings, private papers etc.

Need to preserve Oral Archive:

One of the main reasons this work could not include the oral history archives recorded and stored in cassettes was the deteriorating conditions of these very old cassettes due to moisture and difficulties in preserving them in all weather conditions. These cassettes are a rich archive stored at the Archives of Indian Labour housed at the V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA. It broadly includes recordings of the trade union activists and leaders who were part of the labour movement in various parts of India. There is an urgent need to think about preserving this rich oral archive through digitization or other technological means of storing the audio in the cassettes in other formats to prevent its loss.

May 2017