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Empire and the Making of Personal Status
9 June 2014
This one-day workshop, organised by Natasha Pairaudeau, took place in Magdalene College as part of the project on Sites of Asian Interaction. The workshop sought to bring together and compare perspectives on the shaping and deployment of 'indigenous personal status' within a wide range of imperial legal systems. Indigenous practices governing marriage, the family and inheritance were largely upheld under European empires, even as they were made into legal forms to be regulated through colonial courts. This meeting explored discrepancies and similarities across empires in how 'personal status' was defined and shaped, imperial rationale for the retention of such status or the imposition of new codes, and levels of indigenous agency in determining its preservation or change. The workshop considered further how migration, religion, and ethnic differences added complexity to questions of personal status, and how empire's legal legacies are embedded in the present.


The use of legal sources in the study of Asia's interactions
7 May 2013
An informal rountable meeting took place in the Centre at Magdalene College on 7 May 2013. The purpose was to share ideas about locating and using legal sources to construct transnational histories. It was convened by Natasha Pairaudeau and participants included Tim Harper, Iza Hussin, Tomas Larsson, Kirsty Walker and Fei-Hsien Wang. In a round-the-table conversation, participants discussed how they make use of legal sources in their research and in what ways their work engages with legal issues.


Workshop on Yangon-Penang Interactions
16 December 2012
The Northam All Suite Hotel

Organised by Thinkcity and the Penang Heritage Trust


Southeast Asia: India connections
8 June 2012
An informal rountable meeting took place in Magdalene College, Cambridge. The aim of the meeting was to discuss Indian and British archival materials, including collaboration with West Bengal state archives. Participants included Tansen Sen and Geoffrey Wade from the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.
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Global Conjunctions in the Indian Ocean: Malay World Trajectories
24 - 26 November, 2011
Forum Transregionale Studien
Freie Universitat Berlin


Penang and the Indian Ocean
17 -18 September 2011

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Penang and the Indian Ocean: Mapping Exchanges and Interaction
1 - 2 July 2010
Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge

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The Archive of Mobility
May 5 2010, History and Economics Seminar, Center for History and Economics, Harvard University
Seema Alavi (Delhi University), Sunil Amrith (Birkbeck, University of London), and Tim Harper (University of Cambridge).