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Mohun Tagore (33) O.S. Prossono Comar Tagore, Zeminder Bengal, clerk assistant legislative council of India

ad. 28 Sept 1859 L. I.


Henry Francis, deputy Queen’s Advocate Northern Circuit Ceylon (35) I.S.S. Philip Rodrigo M. late chief Modeliar [3] of the Northern Province of Ceylon aforesaid

ad. 15 June 1863 L. I.

C. Pavroshettur Modelier

of Madras accredited agent in London of H.H. the Nawab of the Carnatic (38) I.S.C. Apparos Modelier late of Madras Zemindar decd.

ad. 22 Octr 1861 L.I.


Ghose of the Univ of Calcutta (20) I.S. Ram Lochun Ghose late munsif of Sudder Ameen (a native judge) of Muddea [4] Bengal

ad. 12 Novr 1864 L.I.


Coomarasamy, Advocate Supreme Court Ceylon M.L.C. [1] (28) O.S. A Coomarasamy late of Ceylon M.L.C deced.

ad. 10 July 1862 L.I.


Woomes Chunder (20) formerly of Calcutta Bengal now of 108 Denbigh Street St. George’s Road S. Grees Chunder B. of Calcutta, attorney at law, Solicitor Proctor and Vakeel [5] of H.M. High Court of Judicature Fort William Bengal

ad. 19 Novr 1864 M.T.


Budroodêên (17) of Highbury New Park College co. Mdds, [2] 5.S. Tyabjee Bhojineah of Bombay India gent

ad. 27 April 1863 M.T.


Meherwanjee Mehta of Bombay, East Indies B.A. Bombay Univ (20) 2. S. Meherwanjee Hormusjee Mehta of Bombay esq.

ad. 16 Jany 1865; called 30 April 1868 L.I.

K.C.I.E. [6] Died Nov 1915. Times 8 November 1915 P. 5 col. 2 when there is an obituary notice of him.

[1] ‘M.L.C.’ stands for ‘Member of the Legislative Council’

[2] ‘co Mdds’ is an abbreviation for ‘the county of Middlesex’, where Highbury Park College (Islington) is located.

[3] Usually spelled ‘modiliar’, meaning a military commander.

[4] ‘Muddea’ is a mistranscription of ‘Nuddea’, a colonial district in Bengal now known as ‘Nadia’ in the present-day state of West Bengal in India. The principal towns of Nadia are Krishnagar and Ranaghat.

[5] Vakil, Hindi/Urdu word meaning lawyer, barrister or solicitor, most commonly barrister.

[6] KCIE: Knight Commander, a rank in the Order of the Indian Empire