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Transcription f. 115 Transcription f. 116


George Victor of the Univ of London and of 29 Montague Place, Russell Square est.S. Victor K’V. of Curepipe Mauritius proprietor

ad. 5 Nov’ 1877 M.T.


Mohammed (21) Jessore[43] India 2.S. late Kazee Gholam Rahman of Jessore

ad. 30 April 1878; c. 11 May 1881 I.T.


Sayud Mahomed of Patna India and of Calcutta Univ Zemindar or Landowner 3.S. Sayud Farzand Ali late of Patna[41] India Pleader

ad. 7 Nov 1877 M.T.


Anandrao (21) Fellow Univ of Bombay I.S. Rev Nacangan[?] S. Landed Proprietor Bombay

ad. 1 May 1878; c. 21 June 1882 I.T.


Syud (20) F.S.S. F.R.C.J. of Faridpur Bengal O.S. late Maulvie Syud Ghulam Abbas of Faridpur[42] India Zamindar

ad. 7 Nov 1877; c. 9 June 1880 I.T.


Kumar Gajendra of Kuch Behar India late student of the Patna College Bengal est.S. Kumar Babendro N. of Kuch Behar Bengal Zemindar

ad. 21 June 1878 M.T.


Sayyid Narul of Patna India and of Calcutta Univ. and 33 Westmoreland Road Bayswater W. est.S. Sayyid Shamsul Huda of Patna, India, Zemindar

ad. 8 Nov 1877 M.T.


Sayyed Waris (22) Christs Coll. Cambr O.S. Hakkam Sayyed Hasan Ali Khan Bahadoor of Gwalior Central India, Minister to H.H. the Maharajah Scindia

ad. 29 June 1878 I.T.

[41] Now the capital of the Indian state of Bihar.

[42] Now a district in central Bangladesh.

[43] Now a district in southern Bangladesh.