Project members work in archives in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.  We hope to compare notes on our varied experiences working in archives during a moment of tremendous change in how historians conduct research and interact with books, documents, and manuscripts.  Below are some of our reflections on the quotidian experience of conducting historical research in the twentieth-first century.  We welcome contributions from other scholars interested in the digitization of historical resources and the practice of archival research more generally. 

Please contact Leigh Denault with contributions. 

Objectives of the Digitization of History project

Issues for East Asian text databases
By Ellen McGill, Librarian, Yenching Library, Harvard University
3 November 2008

Digitization of the Robert Hart Collection at Queen's University Belfast
Jennifer Regan
29 April 2008

Iranian Digital Resources
David Motadel
1 October 2007