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Day I - 4 June 2014

9:30           Coffee

9:45           Opening Remarks


10:00- 12:15 - Panel I

Abhishek Kaicker (Harvard University)
Petitions, Peoples and the Late-Mughal Judicial Order

Robert Travers (Cornell University)
Petitioning and the making of a colonial judicial state in Eighteenth-Century Bengal

Rosalind O'Hanlon (University of Oxford)
Gota, Majalis and Panchayat: Petitioning and Judicial Institutions in western India, c. 1600-1820

Discussant: David Washbrook (University of Cambridge)


12:15- 1:30 - Lunch


1:30 -3:15 - Panel II

Philip Stern (Duke University)
Petitions, Civil Society, and the Making of Sovereignty in Seventeenth-Century Bombay

Aparna Balachandran (University of Delhi)
Mamul in the City: Urban petitions in Early Colonial Madras

Discussant: William O' Reilly (University of Cambridge)


3:15-:3:30 Tea break


3:30- 5:15 - Panel III

Jon Wilson (King's College London)
Petitions and the Decline of Relational Power in Nineteenth- Century India

Bhavani Raman (University of Toronto)
Form and Performance: Sincerity and Authority in Early Colonial Petitioning

Discussant: Tim Harper (University of Cambridge)  


7:00 for 7.30pm – Dinner - The Parlour, Magdalene College


Day II - 5 June 2014

 9:15  Coffee


9:30-11:45- Panel IV

Julie Stephens (University of Cambridge)
Princes & Paupers: Petitioning and Late Colonial Governance

Prashant Kidambi (University of Leicester)
Exception, Exemption and Expediency: some reflections on the 'riot tax' petitions in Bombay 

Discussant: Fei-Hsien Wang (Centre for History and Economics, University of Cambridge)


11:45- 12:45 - Lunch


12:45-3:00 – Panel V

Rohit De (University of Cambridge)
Petitioning around the Cow: Writ Petitions in the Indian Republic

Nayanika Mathur (University of Cambridge)
Petitioning to Kill and Claim: Governing Man Eating Big Cats in Uttarakhand India

Matthew Hull (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Parchis, Petitions and Political Connections

Discussant:  Joya Chatterji (University of Cambridge)


3:00-3:15 - Coffee


3:15-4:15 - Roundtable

Chair: Emma Rothschild (Cambridge/Harvard), Robert Travers, Rohit De


4:30Meeting Concludes