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UN History Around the World


Palais de Nations, Geneva
UN poster, 'Post-War Poverty' *
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The United Nations History Project
Heidi J. S. Tworek

This website offers a set of teaching materials for UN history. There are annotated bibliographies, timelines, and featured sources on thirteen major themes of UN history. There are resources from a course taught on the global history of the UN at Harvard in spring 2011 as well as a compilation of other syllabi on UN topics.


UN Sources Concerning Germany: A Guide to Archives and Research
Holger Nehring

This paper seeks to identify sources pertaining to the history of the UN and to the UN's role in international history in German archives, and develops some themes in contemporary German history for which UN sources are useful. The paper is part of an ongoing project at the Centre for History and Economics which is concerned with identifyingand describing UN sources in archives around the world.

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Holger Nehring can be contacted by email. We are interested in hearing from readers who feel able to contribute similar studies on other countries.


UN History Around the World: Project Aims

A significant issue to emerge from the December 2002 meeting concerned the need to look at links between the holdings of the UN’s archives, and national archives and private libraries around the world. It was felt that many kinds of international history, and even national histories, could benefit from the use of UN sources. At the same time, the history of the United Nations and its agencies would benefit from the use of historical sources to be found elsewhere...
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In Search of UN History: an archival journey
Sunil Amrith

My search began within the labyrinthine corridors of the World Health Organization in Geneva. In a room filled with bound volumes of official reports -- which, I was told, had not been consulted in a very long time...
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UN History In Nigeria

Included in this section is a note about UN-related material in the Nigerian archives and material on the oral history of Nigerian peacekeeping operations, prepared by Dr. Ike Achebe. These are extracts from a broader project undertaken by Dr. Achebe on UN activities in Nigeria. His full reports are available from us on request.




* Image taken from: J. Rubin, 'Pictorial History of the United Nations'
(New York, T. Yoseloff, 1962)