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This website was created to provide an independent source of information for scholars working with, or planning to use, UN archives. It was also intended as a forum for the discussion of practical and intellectual problems with the use of UN archives for historical research.

Palais de Nations, Geneva
Palais de Nations, Geneva *
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We also hoped to use this website as a way of exchanging information about current research on the history of the UN, creating links between individual researchers and collective projects in the field. We envisaged that this website might eventually be a resource for teachers of UN history.

The website included the results of our ongoing initiative to collate information about sources on the history of the UN in national and private archives and libraries around the world. The Research Register offered the opportunity to share details of research with other scholars. The Links section provided links to various projects around the world engaged with researching or teaching UN history, and to UNESCO’s umbrella website on the archives of international organizations.

The project, now concluded, was based at the Centre for History and Economics, and is part of the Partnership and Security programme. We are grateful to the Rockefeller Foundation for their generous support of this project.



* Image taken from: J. Rubin, 'Pictorial History of the United Nations'
(New York, T. Yoseloff, 1962)

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