Spaces of Law


What are the spaces of law? In this set of curated conversations, we speak with scholars, artists and architects who have considered the relationship between the social, legal and spatial. We look not only at courtrooms and collectors’ offices, which are considered paradigmatic spaces of law, but also at other natural and built environments that have shaped legal consciousness – and which has been shaped in turn, by legal ideas and actors.  Our first series is on courtrooms. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us here.



Finding Law in Yangon
by Kalyani Ramnath
  Spatial Perspectives on Law in Batavia
with Sanne Ravensbergen
On not going to court in colonial Spanish
America: A conversation between
Bianca Premo and Yanna Yannakakis
  Envisioning Law’s Empire in
Ceylon with Paul Halliday
A conversation with legal
historian Rahela Khorakiwala
  A conversation with courtroom
artist Noëlle Herrenschmidt