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Slavery and Manumission Manuscripts of Timbuktu
Center for Research Libraries

East Asia

Bibliography of Law and Society in China
From China Experience

Ministry of Justices of Taiwan and NTU Law School
The Local Courts Archives in Colonial Taiwan (1895-1945)

淡新檔案 (Dan-Xin Archives) (1776-1895)
The Dan-Xin Archivesat NTU is a collection of the trail records of Taiwan County Yamen in Qing Dynasty between 1776 and 1895.

Digitalized Legal Texts of Outer Mongolia
Digital Library for International Research/ The American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulanbator

Chinese Pamphlets
A digital collection of mass education materials published in Hong Kong and in Mainland China, particularly Shanghai, in the years 1947-1954.

Duli cunyi: Concentration on doubtful matters while perusing the substatutes.
Kyoto University

Ming-Qing Chinese Legal Documents from the Collection of Law School of Kyoto University


Primary Sources of Copyright (1450-1900) (Cambridge)
A digital archive of primary sources on copyright from the invention of the printing press (c. 1450) to the Berne Convention (1886) and beyond; focusing on key materials from Renaissance Italy (Venice, Rome), France, the German speaking countries, Britain and the United States.

Digitale Bibliothek Juristische Zeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts (Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt am Main)
A digitized German law journals published between 1800 and 1918.

Privy Council Papers Online
The first digital catalogue of the 'Printed Papers' of Appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC).

Index and Paraphrase of Printed Year Book Reports (Boston University)
Documents the development of legal doctrines, concepts, and methods, 1268 – 1535.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913
A searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.


South Asia

Law and Other Things
Debates on contemporary Indian law.

Dhananjay Rao Gadgil Digital Library
The library of the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics has digitized all works outside of copyright, this includes rare tracts and pamphlets on law, politics and economics from the early 20th century.

Annual South Asian Legal Studies Pre Conference
Annual event at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Law.

Gautam Bhatia's Blog on Indian Constitutional History and Philosophy

Mitra Sharafi's South Asian Legal History Resource

Indians and Others Admitted to the Four Inns of Court, in chronological order

Free searchable database of Indian laws, judgments and parliamentary debates

Privy Council Appeals from India (1669-1774)
Mitch Fraas


United States

Law and Revolution 
On Law and the Atlantic Revolutionary Tradition, Malik Ghachem, MIT

The Oyez Project
A searchable database of records of Supreme Court cases by term, as well as live audio/text for the current session.

The Supreme Court Database
The Database contains over two hundred pieces of information about each case decided by the Court between the 1953 and 2008 terms.

Canadian Legal History Blog