The Joint Centre for History and Economics is based at Magdalene College and King's College, University of Cambridge, and at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University. It was established in 1991 to promote research and education in fields of importance for historians and economists. Its aim is to provide a forum in which scholars can address some of their common concerns, whether through the application of economic concepts to historical problems, through the history of economic and social thought, or through economic history.

The objective of the Centre is to encourage fundamental research in each of the two disciplines. It also encourages the participation of historians and economists in addressing issues of public importance. These include economic security, globalization in historical perspective, poverty and inequality, and the relationship between politics and religion. In cooperation with its counterpart Centre at Harvard, the Cambridge Centre undertakes research projects and organizes workshops, seminars and exchanges of faculty and graduate students. It provides the base for the History Project, and for current research projects on Exchanges of Economic, Legal and Political Ideas; Sites of Asian Interaction: Networks, Ideas, Archives; The Interaction between Political, Economic and Religious Ideas; and SEATIDE.


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Napoleon IV Elizabeth I Medal dedicated to Montesquieu. 1753


Recent Centre Books

Histories of Health in Southeast Asia: Perspectives on the Long Twentieth Century
Tim Harper and Sunil Amrith (eds.)

Sites of Asian Interaction: Ideas, Networks and Mobility
Tim Harper and Sunil Amrith (eds.)

Power to the People: Energy in Europe over the Last Five Centuries
Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima
& Paul Warde
Crossing the Bay of Bengal The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants
Sunil S. Amrith

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Prize Fellowships

The Joint Centre for History and Economics is delighted to announce that the Program of Prize Fellowships in Economics, History and Politics at Harvard is to continue, thanks to an exceptionally generous gift from David and Carol Richards, for which the Fellowship Programme and the Joint Centre are profoundly grateful. The deadline for nominations for prize fellowships to start in 2015 is October 10, 2014.

History Project

The History Project, in cooperation with the History Department at Yale University and the Joint Center for History and Economics, will hold its third conference on October 17-18, 2014 at Yale University.

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Recent News

» The Centre is delighted to congratulate Catherine Merridale, Research Associate of the Centre, for winning the 2014 Wolfson History Prize for Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History, which earlier this year was also awarded the 2014 Pushkin House Russian Book Prize.

» The Joint Centre is pleased to announce a new website in connection with the Energy History Project.

» The Centre is pleased to welcome Naila Maier-Knapp, SEATIDE Postdoctoral Research Fellow in connection with the programme on National and Transnational Exchange of Information.

» The Joint Center is pleased to announce a new website on Visualizing Historical Networks.

» We are delighted to announce that Paul Warde, Joint Centre Associate Research Fellow, and his collaborator Astrid Kander, Lund University, have been awarded a major grant by the Swedish Research Council for a new research project on historical energy and trade flows. The project will be undertaken over the period 2014-17.

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